Canadian Pharmacy Lowest Price Guarantee is your solution to the rising costs of prescription drugs in your country. Our goal is to offer the lowest prices compared to any other Canadian pharmacy. Many Canadian pharmacies advertise that their prices are the lowest but only match prices with mail order pharmacies that have "certain accreditations". Our price match policy is simple - we will match the price with any legitimate Canadian mail order pharmacy.

Our Canadian drug prices are something you can smile about!

We contract with licensed international pharmacies that adhere to stringent regulatory requirements. Our Canadian pharmacy is able to offer generic drugs which would otherwise not be available to you in your home country. The reason for that is because we work with international pharmacies in countries with varying patent laws. As a specific example, Canadian drug patents expire many years before most countries.

All prescription drug orders are dispensed by a licensed Canadian pharmacy and international pharmacies

Don't take risks when it comes to buying your prescription medicines. Canada drugs are often an affordable solution to high drug costs. However, we advise that you purchase from a Canadian pharmacy that only works with licensed Canadian pharmacies, and licensed international pharmacies.

Take advantage of the international pharmaceutical market's price discrepancies - when buying from a Canadian mail order pharmacy such as Best Price Rx, you can take advantage of our network of licensed international pharmacies for maximum savings. Why buy from a Canada pharmacy only, when you can buy drugs at the lowest prices in the world?

Trust Your Health to Best Price Rx

As an industry leader, Best Price Rx is recognized for its superior customer service and patient care. Our patients are able to order online, via fax, by phone, or via mail. Most orders arrive to the customer in 7-10 business days. We guarantee delivery within 21 business days of the time the order is shipped - if you do not receive your order within 21 business days of it being shipped, call us and we will re-ship your order free of charge or provide a refund in full.

Don't have a prescription? We will call your physician for your prescriptions.

If you don't have a prescription available for your order, kindly provide us with the contact information of your prescribing physician, and our pharmacist will happily call your doctor and request that they provide us with a copy of your prescription. This value added service is provided to you absolutely free of charge!

Step Two:

Place Your Order

Once you added your medications to your shopping cart, place your order online, or call toll free 1-888-487-4224. We require an Rx prior to dispensing your order and can call your doctor for it free of charge.

Step Three:

Receive your Order

Delivery time is approximately 7-10 business days. We guarantee that your order will arrive within 21 business days.

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